NU’EST’s Ren Shares a Hate Comment He Received Calling Him Psycho

Credit: Ren’s Instagram

On May 12th, NU’EST’s Ren shared a hate comment he received on his Instagram story with the caption, “Worry about yourself.”

The story has since been deleted, but it showed a direct message Ren received calling him psycho. The sender wrote, “Hey, you looked like a pyscho today. Please review today’s V app. You always whine and you make people explain the rules two or three times because you don’t understand it. I was getting my energy sucked out while I was watching it today.”

렌 인스타그램 스토리
Credit: Ren’s Instagram


The sender continued to write, “Please fix your mental illness. If you can’t do it, then take your meds on time. I want to curse at you a lot, but I’m trying hard to stop myself.”

As soon as Ren posted this aggressive DM on his Instagram story, the sender sent him another message saying, “If you are right in the head, you better delete the story.”

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  • Or maybe haters shouldn’t comment stuff like that if they don’t want to be called out on it. If you dislike the person or band you don’t have to watch it. But ofcourse haters thrive on spreading their hate around. So best just to not give them the satisfaction of letting them know you notice them.

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