P.O & Hong Seok Cheon & Jo Kwon Became Victims of Indiscriminate Criticisms Towards Celebrities

Recently, stars have been suffering from excessive criticism. Some people are attacking even minor mistakes and connections, widely spreading the controversies. Block B’s P.O (Pyo Ji Hoon). Hong Seok Cheon, and Jo Kwon are the best examples.

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Singer P.O was embroiled in a controversy with his recent acts on tvN’s Amazing Saturday. P.O, who won the game over a handmade doughnut, raised his voice to Kim Dong Hyun as he ate the snack. P.O’s sudden anger seemed strange, but soon after, the truth behind the circumstance was revealed. Kim Dong Hyun’s repeated interference eventually angered him.

To those who often watch the show, the scene didn’t come that strange. The scenes where the family-like cast playfully joke with each other are frequently showed. Unlike his images as a UFC fighter, Kim Dong Hyun is often teased after making a series of mistakes. However, some people are bringing up P.O’s past actions to raise the controversy over his personality.

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The same goes for Hong Seok Cheon. The blame landed on him when COVID-19 sparked again at the Itaewon gay club, which was followed by a series of secondary infections.

Up until now, Hong Seok Cheon has expressed his opinion candidly. As COVID-19 started to spread, he encouraged people to take self-examinations, stressed the need to refrain from going to church services, and even sharply criticized Lee Man Hee, the head of Shincheonji Chruch. However, now, some are pointing out the fact that he is gay and that he runs the restaurant business in Itaewon, and started criticizing him for not “taking any actions when the Itaewon gay club originated the problem.”

Just because Hong Seok Cheon is a sexual minority who runs the restaurants in Itaewon, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he needs to state his position. Nor is he in the place to represent them. Some people’s attitude of treating him as a sinner for not making any remarks is rather raising the questions. Because of such leap made by a few, the online war of words is currently taking place.

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Singer Jo Kwon was also embroiled in a controversy. One person commented on Jo Kwon’s Instagram, saying, “Please explain why you went to the club.” To which the singer answered, “I’m sorry, but I didn’t go. You think I’m a pushover?” He went on to say, “People are aking me to explain such damnedest things. I watched ‘The World of the Married’ at home. Happy now?”

The controversy was caused by a reproachful question asked by someone who demanded a thorough explanation of what didn’t even happen. Asking a question that is not even true as if it’s a real thing only delivers false information. After seeing this, people are also criticizing the “false” comment.

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