‘Emergency Declaration’ Completes a Jaw-Dropping Cast

The new film Emergency Declaration (literal translation) completed its dream cast, including Song Kang Ho, Lee Byung Hun, Jeon Do Yeon, Kim Nam Gil, Lim Si Wan, Kim So Jin and Park Hae Joon.

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Emergency Declaration is an aviation disaster film about a plane that declared an emergency landing amid an unprecedented disaster.

Emergency Declaration received favorable responses from movie fans since the early preparation stage with the fact that it is the first aviation disaster film being produced in Korea. Now, with the jaw-dropping cast that includes multiple top stars, the movie is once again making headlines.

Song Kang Ho, who gained much attention with Parasite, plays the role of a detective chasing after an unprecedented aviation disaster. Lee Byung Hun plays a father who got on a plane for his daughter despite his phobia. Jeon Do Yeon is expected to make yet another transformation into a minister, who is facing an emergency. Kim Nam Gil plays the flight’s first officer.

Lim Si Wan will play the role of a passenger who boarded the plane alone, whereas Kim So Jin will take on the role of a flight attendant. Park Hae Joon, who is currently starring in the hottest drama The World of the Married, will become the head of the Crisis Management Center at the Blue House, striving to resolve the unprecedented emergency.

Emergency Declaration will be directed by Han Jae Rim, who has attracted the audience with stylish directing and solid stories through Rules Of Dating (2005), The Show Must Go On (2007), The Face Reader (2013), and The King (2017)

The “emergency declaration” is an aviation term meaning a state of emergency if and when planes are no longer able to operate normally by the captain’s judgment in the midst of disaster. The film is scheduled to start filming in May.

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