Will BTS’s V Collaborate with Conan Gray?

Fans around the world are looking forward to the collaboration between BTS‘s V and Conan Gray.

Credit: Paper Magazine, PAPER

Conan Gray, who saw a video of V reading fans’ writings while listening to Conan Gray’s “The Other Side” on a V LIVE broadcast on the 7th, posted a short comment on his Twitter, “I love you.”

V responded to the tweet by saying, “Let’s make a song together.” On;y 10 minutes after V replied, Conan’s name rose to No.2 in the real-time Worldwide trends, and the followers of Conan Gray’s Twitter increased by 40,000, proving fans’ keen expectations of their collaboration.

Previously in an interview with Paper Magazine, V said, “I want to try doing music in the style of Conan Gray or ‘All Tinted.’ I want to widen my spectrum and become an artist who has a variety of talents.”

Fans, as well as several media outlets, including MTV Australia and Paper Magazine, are expressing expectations and cheering for their collaboration.

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