Ko Joon Hee Expresses Her Feelings After Her Long Fight with Malicious Commenters Comes to an End

Actor Ko Joon Hee expressed her feelings about ending a long fight with malicious commenters.

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On May 10, Ko Joon Hee wrote a lengthy message on her Instagram. She wrote, “A long battle with groundless rumors ahs come to an end. I want to thank the lawyers who help me stay on the correct path when I only acted emotionally and foolishly since I didn’t know anything about the law. I’m really grateful to the reporters, my family, the head of my agency, and all the staff of the agency for believing and supporting me until the end. I’ll do my best to become a better actor. Thank you. I won’t forget everything.”

Earlier on April 20, Ko Joon Hee’s agency, Moutain Movement, announced that 30 malicious commenters who had been spreading groundless malicious rumors had been indicted. Ko Joon Hee has been suffering since more than a year ago when she was embroiled in a controversy over Burning Sun.

Ko Joon Hee used all means to fight against those till the end, and a total of 30 malicious commenters were either indicted or punished with fines.

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Meanwhile, Koo Joon Hee will make a surprise appearance in photos as a model for the food company in MBC’s new drama Kkondae Intern, starring Park Hae Jin, Han Ji Eun and Kim Eung Soo.

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