A Group with Members Who Can Produce Will Succeed?

The ability to produce is not mandatory for a singer. In fact, among those who are called “great singers,” some do not participate in writing or composing and only compete with their songs and dances. However, the public often regard idol groups as “mouth-moving machines.” This is because, at some point, dance-oriented idol groups came out with fierce choreography, forcing them to “lip-sync” on stage. Naturally, some of the less talented singers were noticed. “Self-producing idols” became one of the methods to break such bias, and also showed the effect of increasing fandom.

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The best example is the Big Bang, led by G-Dragon. G-Dragon produced almost all of Big Bang’s songs. Of course, he works with other composers, but G-Dragon’s share in Big Bang’s music is absolute. He is also known to participate in the fashion, stage composition, and concert directing. G-Dragon’s ability is cited as the biggest reason why Big Bang is different from other idol groups.

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At the center of BTS, which is leading a huge fandom around the world, is RM. He is the reason why BTS was formally formed. He is also the most active producer and lyricist in the group. RM and Suga, as well as most of the members, are said to have grown musically enough to have the ability to produce their own music.

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Leader So Yeon is the main rapper in (G)I-DLE and is also a composer, lyricist, music arranger, producer, and even a stylist. Yuqi once said about So Yeon as a leader “who plays many pranks, but very professional when it comes to recording or working on the songs.”

ZICO and Park Kyung composed most songs of Block B. Beast (currently Highlight), in which Yong Joon Hyung was once a member of, and iKon, the group which BI. belonged to, also played a role in bringing the group to stardom by showing their production skills.

Recently, groups such as Stray Kids, Seventeen, AB6IX, and ATEEZ have been showing the ideal looks as “self-producing idols.” Their appearances not only affect the growth and development within the groups but also are seen as a significant move in that they are expected to act as the power to lead the K-pop market further.


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