“Lee Sang Do Incident” that Will Bring About Cooperation of Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun in ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’

In the latest episode of The King: Eternal Monarch, Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun heralded full-fledged cooperation against Lee Jung Jin.

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In the 6th episode, which aired on May 2, Yi Gon confirmed that Yi Rim, the traitor who killed his father, is alive somewhere in the parallel universe. Jung Tae Eul was shocked when words related to the Korean Empire came out in the recording files, evidence of the incident she was working on, sparking questions. Now, will the two begin their cooperation to shed light on Yi Rim’s misdeeds (Lee Sang Do incident in the Republic of Korea), which began in episode 1? This article will cover the “Lee Sang Do incident.”


“Lee Sang Do Incident” Keyword 1. Dead body in the trunk, who is Lee Sang Do?

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Lee Sang Do incident began the moment Jung Tae Eul arrested Kim Bok Man, the criminal who runs an illegal gambling site. The investigation hit a new phase when a suspicious body was found in the trunk of Kim Bok Man’s car. Jung Tae Eul and Gang Shin Jae searched the body’s identity and found that he is a 57-year-old man who runs a hardware store and is a member of the illegal gambling site run by Kim Bok Man.


“Lee Sang Do Incident” Keyword 2. Lee Sang Do Was Killed by Kim Bok Man?


Amid several suspicious circumstances related to Lee Sang Do, a question was raised when the head wound of Lee Sang Do’s body, who died from a massive head injury, looked exactly like the one on Kim Bok Man’s head. During the investigation, Kim Bok Man testified that someone smacked his head about three weeks ago when he was returning home from drinking. Later, the DNA of two people was found in the weapon found by Jung Tae Eul, and the security camera confirmed that Lee Sang Do was following Kim Bok Man. So naturally, detectives started to think that Lee Sang Do incident was committed in vengeance.


“Lee Sang Do Incident” Keyword 3. Three Mysterious Voices!

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Feeling somewhat suspicious, Jung Tae Eul and Gang Shin Jae went back to check out Lee Sang Do’s hardware store, and there, Gang Shin Jae found an old 2G phone with an empty battery. Jung Tae Eul tried to restore the phone to find any evidence, but it turned out that the phone belonged to a person who went missing. Later, when the phone was restored, it showed no phone and text records, but only had “three voice messages.”


“Lee Sang Do Incident” Keyword 4. Words Related to the Korean Empire in Voice Messages Northern, Lee Jong In

Jung Tae Eul checked the voice messages that were recovered from the phone, only to find recordings of news. Later, Jung Tae Eul was shocked to discover how everything Yi Gon said was true as she personally crossed the gate to the parallel universe of the Korean Empire. After returning to the Republic of Korea, she listened to Lee Sang Do’s voice while diving into the incident and was stunned to hear the words “professor Lee Jong In” and “Northern,” only used in the Korean Empire, from the recorded news. The fact that Lee Sang Do, now deceased, was somehow related to the Korean Empire was revealed, raising more curiosity.

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