Ferry Sewol Documentary ‘Ghost Ship’ Attracted 20,000 Audience

Ghost Ship, a spin-off from the documentary film Intention, has surpassed 20,000 viewers.


According to Korean Film Council, Ghost Ship has accumulated a total of 20,158 viewers. Since its release on April 15, the movie has steadily attracted audiences to theaters, and in the second week of its release, it has topped the box office of independent and artistic films.

Ghost Ship analyzed such record as a result of the audience’s desire never to forget the sinking of SEWOL, which took place on April 16, 2014. Also, the fact that the movie was a spin-off of Intention, which received favorable reviews for its cinematic perfection and fun of a documentary.

Ghost Ship attempts to prove who, how, and why they manipulated the vessel’s Automatic Identification System (AIS), which records the course of the SEWOL with scientific hypotheses. Visual effects were used in the process of tracking who planned the data manipulation to hide the truth of the SEWOL, how the phantom ship was created, and why the data was manipulated.

Actor Park Ho San participated in the narration.

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