Some Fans Show Their “Disappointment” on the News of EXO’s Chen’s New Baby

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Blessings should have poured in, but some fans are angry right now. This is the reaction to the news of Chen’s new baby being born.

Credit: SM Etnertainment

On April 29, SM Entertainment confirmed that a EXO’s Chen welcomed a baby girl as a new member of his family.

The news came only three months after Chen abruptly announced his marriage. Fans of EXO are once again expressing their disappointment at the news.

On January 13, Chen abruptly announced his marriage and his fiance’s pregnancy, shocking the fans. Fans showed their confusion over his sudden announcement since communication is such a big part of idols, fans and their world.

Eventually, some EXO fans began to act as a group. EXO-L ACE Alliance issued a statement on January 16 and staged a protest in front of SM Artium on January 19, demanding Chen to leave the group.

Credit: Seroul Newspaper

Now, fans are once again expressing their disappointment at the news of Chen’s baby girl.

Earlier, when Chen delivered the news of his marriage, rumors of his wife being seven-month pregnant have surfaced, but he denied it. However, if you calculate the time, the seven-month pregnancy rumor is highly probable, and probably the truth.

Now that the fans believe that Chen has deceived them, it seems like they cannot just welcome the news of the baby.

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