Fans Make Things Worse for NCT’s Taeyong Regarding His Past Bullying Scandal

Credit: SM Entertainment

It has been reported that the victim who was bullied in the past by NCT’s Taeyong and his friends have tried to commit suicide.

On April 29th, a post titled, “Idol’s bullying victim tried to commit suicide today (not a clickbait),” was shared online.

The author wrote, “NCT’s Taeyong’s fans went to the home and workplace of the friend who helped the victim and made the past incident known to the public. The fans got her personal information and used the fact that she was a victim of a sexual assault to harass her.” The author also shared that the victim had tried to commit suicide earlier this year in February.

The author shared comments that seemed to be have written by the victim who criticized Taeyong’s fans by saying, “I didn’t know that they would hold on to this and rip me apart for this long. Taeyong and his agency have admitted it, so I don’t get why they won’t accept it.” The victim also shared that she was uncomfortable with seeing Taeyong sell a good image to the fans.

Last year, it was reported that Taeyong had participated in bullying his classmate during junior high, and that the classmate had even harmed herself during class at the time.

After the reports came out, Taeyong admitted to everything and met with the victim to apologize.

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