[Upcoming K-Drama] Character Guide to Undercover Action Comedy ‘Good Casting’

Action comedy drama Good Casting will premiere on April 27.

Credit: SBS

SBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama Good Casting depicts the story that takes place when women, who have been sent to do desk duties after getting demoted from their current posts at the National Intelligence Service (NIS), go undercover operation after being transferred as field agents once again. Choi Kang Hee, Yoo In Young and Kim Ji Young will appear as minor agents of the NIS who go undercover and show delightful actions.


Choi Kang Hee �” Baek Chan Min (alias Baek Jang Mi, a member of NIS Cybersecurity Team/ Secretary of Ilkwang Hitech CEO)

Credit: SBS

Baek Chan Mi was a legendary black-op agent for the National Intelligence Service until three years ago. However, due to an excessive operation, one of her subordinates passes away. To make matters worse, the criminal got away. After this incident, she takes back all hope of returning to the field when she gets an order to go undercover. She is ordered to be dispatched to the scene, and go undercover as a secretary of Ilkwang Hitech CEO.


Yoo In Young �” Im Ye Eun (alias Im Jung Eun, a member of Field Support Division in NIS Industrial Security Team/ an intern of Advertising Team of Ilkwang Hitech)

Credit: SBS

She fell in love with a colleague and had a child, but lost her lover during the operation and became a single mother in her 20s. Since then she volunteered to work behind the desk but once again put into scenes to go undercover as an intern in Ilkwang Hitech. During her mistake-filled intern days, she is assigned to personally mark top star Kang Woo Won.


Kim Ji Young �” Hwang Mi Soon (alias Ki Mi Sun, a member of Global Terror Response Team/ a janitor of ‘Saksak Clean’ Service)

Credit: SBS

Hwang Mi Soo has a secret that even her family doesn’t even know: she is actually a black spy of NIS. She was doing well until ten years ago, but is under the pressure to quit her job. However, she is ordered to go undercover when she is now old enough to be afraid of stairs due to arthritis and back pain. Is this the silent pressure from NIS to quit the job?


Lee Sang Yeop – Yoon Seok Ho (CEO of Ilkwang Hitech)

Credit: SBS

From appearance to academic backgrounds to wealth, he has everything. He never stops the women from leaving or coming. However, a new secretary who resembles his first love appears. But the new secretary who reminds him of the heartbreaking memories is a bit suspicious. She often looks at him as if she is monitoring him and asks around about company secrets.


Lee Jung Young – Kang Woo Won (model and actor/ the face of Ilkwang Hitech)

Credit: SBS

The drama he appeared on hit the jackpot and he became the star. He captivates female fans with his beauty and sophisticated speech skills, but his real personality is completely different. He only managed himself meticulously. However, an employee of Ilkwang Hitech interferes with everything, irritating him.


Lee Jong Hyuk – Dong Kwan Soo (team leader of NIS Industrial Security Team 3)

Credit: SBS

He used to date Chan Mi but broke up. Since then, he got married, and lived alone as his family went abroad. But he is now divorces and almost lives in the NIS headquarter. He is always too slow to get it.

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