Park Hae Soo Denies the Possibility of a Sequel to ‘Time to Hunt’

Credit: Netflix

Actor Park Hae Soo confessed that he was lonely and had a hard time playing the role of Han in the movie Time to Hunt.

On April 23, Time to Hunt was finally released on Netflix. This thriller film captures the breathtaking story of four friends who plan a dangerous operation for a new life and their mystery pursuer. Park Hae Soo played an unidentified chaser Han.

Unlike Lee Je Hoon, Choi Woo Shik, Ahn Jae Hong, and Park Jung Min, who stick together, Park Hae Soo chases them alone. In the movie and even at the filming locations, Park Hae Soo kept his distance from the fellow actors, solely focusing on his character.

When asked if he was lonely during the filming, he answered, “There were a lot of scenes taken at night and alone. At some point, I was talking to other actors, but by the time I was heading to the filming locations, I would distance myself.”

Park Hae Soo said, “Director Yoon Sung Hyun also said Han is a lonely and solitary person. Even at the filming locations, if there were people around the director’s table, I stayed alone in a room. I existed at these locations, but was always hiding somewhere.” He then went on to say, “When I read my diary later on, it felt a little different from Park Hae Soo now. I tried to immerse myself into the character itself. I might have lacked at some points, but I’ve put in my everything.”

Credit: Netflix

He also confessed that he felt and admired a lot after his first challenge for dystopia. He said, “The director’s worldview, the way he expresses the near future in such an artistic way using his imagination, the way it came to life in the hands of the staff. The lighting, props, and even the garbage rolling around were art for us.” He also added how the director’s imagination was admirable and booth the art team and prop team were awesome. “I learned that actors only have to walk into the set and exist in the space. They were so cool. I want to give all of them a round of applause,” he continued.

Time to Hunt hinted at the production of a sequel in the final scene, drawing a lot of expectations from the audience. To which, Park Hae Soo answered, “There is no possibility of a sequel at all. To my understanding, the ending wasn’t portrayed in such a manner for a sequel. I’m sure director Yoon Sung Hyun will tell you in person, but I think there was something the director wanted to say.”

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