Popular YouTube Content Creator Yakult Deleted All Videos After a Woman Disclosed the Fact that He Infected Her with STD

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Pharmacist Yakult, a popular YouTuber (YouTube Content Creator), has deleted all videos after being embroiled in a controversy over his problematic private life. Despite the vast repercussions, he has not stated his position, only raising the controversy.

On April 24, a woman posted a lengthy message titled “Disclosure of Pharmacist YouTuber OOOO” on an online community. She did not specify the YouTuber’s nickname, but attached a blurred-out photo of Yakult’s YouTube channel.

She wrote, “The person who gave me an indelible wound is continuing his YouTube activities on behalf of the pharmacist, and it is a great pain to keep hearing his recent updates unless I cut off the Internet,” revealing the background of her decision to expose him.

According to the woman, she, a former fan of Yakult, sent direct messages to him via Instagram in July last year, and later became had a real meeting per Yakult’s suggestion.

“I should have cut it off when he forced me into sex without a condom, but I couldn’t discern the situation because I only thought I got closer to him,” she added. “Even when I was menstruating or bleeding due to the side effects of birth control pills, I had sex with him without condoms. Rather, he assured me that it’s even safer, and I believed him without any doubt since he was a pharmacist and a person I liked.”

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However, she wrote that after having sex with him, she was confirmed with transmitted diseases such as Herpes Type 2 and Ureaplasma urealyticum. She continued, “I spoke to him as soon as I got out of the hospital, and he seemed embarrassed when I told him about the diseases. A few hours later, I received a message from him where he said that he was sorry for not telling me in advance through the virus aren’t something that serious.”

She also wrote that he sent her another message saying he’s not ready to make a girlfriend but later showed up at her house again to have sex.

She criticized Yakult, saying, “The fact that he knew about his STD and still had sex without condoms without telling me, the fact that he discarded me after knowing that I was infected, and the fact that he used me only as his pleasure tools after come seeing me again. All of these are hurt my feelings even more than the physical damages I received.”

Credit: Yakult YouTube

When the article made headlines, Yakult’s name topped the real-time search, stirring up the controversy. Later, he deleted all his videos and turned all his SNS accounts to private.

Later the woman deleted her post, saying, “I got a call from him. He told me he was going to come to my house and kill himself. I’m terrified, so I’ll delete the post.”

Meanwhile, Yakult is a popular YouTube content creator with more than 240,000 subscribers. He gained popularity by delivering medicine and health information and later even appeared on TV shows and radio.

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