The Actors of ‘Time to Hunt’ Jump For Joy at the GV as the Film Was Released After Going Through Various Troubles

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Time to Hunt, a thriller film that captures the breathtaking story of four friends who plan a dangerous operation for a new life and their mystery pursuer, was finally released on April 23 through Netflix. At 9:00 p.m. KST, online special GV (guest viewing) took place, where director Yoon Sung Hyun, actors Lee Je Hoon, Ahn Jae Hong, Choi Woo Shik, Park Hae Soo and movie critic Lee Dong Jin attended.

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The actors and the director expressed their feelings about finally releasing the film after a long wait, signaling the start of GV. Director Yoon Sung Hyun said, “I can’t believe the movie has been released. It just hasn’t hit me yet,” whereas Lee Je Hoon said, “I’m very excited and looking forward to presenting the work that we all worked so hard on in 190 countries at the same time.” Choi Woo Shik, who met the movie fans around the world with Time to Hunt, following Parasite, said, “Since I received so much love, I wanted to show my next work quickly. I’m grateful to be able to greet overseas fans through Netflix.”

As the event took place after the film was released, in-depth talks about the film also continued. When critic Lee Dong Jin praised the film, saying, “The sound in the film, like gunfire, was the most realistic among all the Korean films I’ve seen recently,” director Yoon Sung Hyun answered, “We’ve worked hard on the sound to show the suspense in a cinematic form.” He also added, “I really wanted to create a new worldview. I wanted to portray a living hell without exaggeration,” explaining the unique images of Time to Hunt.

Credit: Netflix Youtube Capture

Actors’ efforts to immerse themselves in their characters have also been fierce. Lee Je Hoon, who played the role of Jun Seok, said, “To express the fear of someone who is being chased, I acted by putting myself in the same situation. I acted as if I was actually facing death.” Ahn Jae Hong also recalled that It was a great experience as an actor as he fully put on the mask of Jang Ho. Park Jung Min, who played Sang Soo, said, “I like Sang Soo the most, but if I have to choose a different role, I’ll choose Jun Seok who faced the most struggles. Relatively speaking, I faced the least trouble,” drawing a laughter.

Park Hae Soo, who played Han, an unidentified chaser, said, “I wanted to express a fear of unknown cause. I acted with the thought that only I could judge them and intentionally separated myself from other actors at the filming locations,” revealing the behind stories of his character. To which Lee Je Hoon said, “His acting was so intense that I thought that it was impossible to show a performance that surpasses Park Hae Soo. I was able to entirely immerse myself in the character being chased by fear,” showing off the strong bond between the actors.

Time to Hunt is currently streaming on Netflix.

Source: Netflix Press Release

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