HA:TFELT to Release Her First Full-Length Album with Autobiographical Stories of the Past Three Years

Yeeun transformed herself from a member of Wonder Girls into a solo artist HA:TFELT. Fourteen years after her debut, she will meet her fans with her first solo full-length album 1719 and a limited-edition storybook that tells her honest stories.

Credit: Amoeba Culture

Q1. How do you feel about releasing your first full-length album?

Things have changed a lot since I left JYP in 2017 and moved to Amoeba Culture. At the age of 29, I had to go through many confusing times. The emotions I felt during those times are included in the book and music.

Q2. Why did you write your autobiography?

We may seem to live a life that others envy, but in fact, we are just people. Sometimes we face hard times and sometimes we undergo even more painful days because of the nature of our works. I started receiving psychological counseling in 2018, and during it, I was recommended to write a book. I thought that showing my writings together would help people to understand my music even more.

Q3. Why did you choose “Satellite” and “Sweet Sensation” as double title tracks?

When I was tired and sometimes skeptical, I looked at a satellite and thought it was just like me. I wrote the song to include what I felt at that time, “even though a satellite may shine, it can never be a star.” Looking around, I realized that everyone has worries and fears, but I wanted to give them the power to turn them into courage, and I myself needed such courage too. So I chose “Satellite” as the title track. In “Sweet Sensation,” I tried to capture my daily life. It’s a song about my experiences during my hard times, but I wrote it with excitement, hoping that it will cheer me up.

Q4. Yubin started her own agency. Did you cheer for her?

Yubin always had a dream of running her own company since our Wonder Girls days. The manager she set up the company with is a person I know very well, and now that Hyerim is with her, I’m happy for Yubin as she seems to be standing in the path to fulfill her long dream.

Credit: Amoeba Culture

Q5. Do you expect success as HA:TFELT?

My thirst now is to unravel my story as an artist and form my identity. Since people can’t have it all, I am trying to live my life without much greed. It was my long-cherished desire to release a full-length album, and I’m just proud of myself that I am able to release my own album with a total of 14 tracks.

Q6. How do you want the public to react?

I think my fans already know. In a way, because they have loved me for more than 10 years, they will be able to understand the stories that I am telling. It’s impossible to be loved 100 percent, but I don’t want to disappoint those who have long waited for my music. I hope they would think my music was worth the wait.

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