Kim Hee Chul Strongly Speaks Up Against a Reporter who Criticizes His Earlier Comments about the Late Sulli and Goo Hara

Super Junior‘s Kim Hee Chul expressed his position on the issue as columnist Wi Geun Woo pointed out the problem in Kim Hee Chul’s earlier remarks regarding the malicious comments toward the late Sulli and Goo Hara in Love of 7.7 Billion.

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Back on April 20, Kim Hee Chul talked about how he felt about hate comments against the late Sulli and Goo Hara under the topic of “”the reality of hate comments in Korea that drive celebrities to death.”

He said, “I was close with the two girls. What was most upsetting about it was that people usually fight based on their gender these days. The men made sexually insulting comments about the two, and the women made insulting comments saying that they were a disgrace for women. And after what happened, they commented that they were very sad and that they would miss them.”

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After this broadcast, columnist Wi Geun Woo posted a lengthy comment on his Instagram, stating, “It is true that both male and female hate commenters have done wrong, but it is a mistake to replace the faults of these malicious commenters with issues of gender conflicts and to call out both sides in the ongoing conflict as ‘wrong,’” and added, “Even though hate comments from both male and female were made, it was male-centered arguments that were made against the deceased as ‘official attacks.’”

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Later, Heechul was seen leaving a furious response in person. He wrote, “Hey you. Is it really that important whether or not the malicious commenters are ‘male or female’? Regardless of their gender, if they commit crimes then they’re just criminals,” and added, “Much less, me and many of my acquaintances are still mourning and grieving over the two friends and always carefully bring up the topic… so who are you to write anything like this, using the names of the deceased?” Then he finished by writing, “Last thing, do not use the deceased as tools in your petty fights. ”

Credit: DC Inside Gallery

Furthermore, the singer did not stop there and wrote another lengthy message in DC Inside gallery. He wrote, “After bidding farewell to my two friends last year, I lost most of my interest in keeping my image up as a celebrity.” He also went on the say, “Whoever comes across malicious comments or false accusations involving me, please leave them here in this gallery or where ever you feel comfortable. I will personally hire a lawyer and take on strict legal action.”

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