Ha Jung Woo Played a Big Role in Catching the Hackers, Will He Be Able to Make Up for His Image?

Ha Jung Woo, who was involved in many issues from being hacked to being suspected of using propofol, has taken a new turn.

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Actor Ha Jung Woo has suffered a number of bad news recently. He was criticized for being a prolific actor where he always played a similar character and acted in the same way. In February, The Closet, produced and starred by Ha Jung Woo, failed to reach a break-even point and attracted only 1.2 million viewers. Of course it suffered from the aftermath of COVID-19, but the prevailing opinion is that the film is much less than expected.

On top of that, he was caught up in a controversy over his private life. When the hacking of celebrities’ phones got surfaced, Ha Jung Woo was named as one of the victims. Despite the fact that he was a victim of a crime, he was suspected of having a fatal problem in his private life as he was threatened to pay several hundreds of thousands of dollars. To make matters worse, the public seemed to have turned their backs on him when he was reported to have habitually used propofol, a sedative drug.

However, on April 20, negative public opinion about the actor took a drastic turn when Dispatch unveiled the conversation between Ha Jung Woo and the hacker. One of the hackers revealed that he had obtained information by hacking into Ha Jung Woo’s phone and stated that he would dispose of all the data if he pays 1.5 billion KRW (approx. 1,216,290 USD). In response, Ha Jung Woo persistently continued messaging with the hacker after reporting to the police, giving the police the time to investigate further.

In the process, he toyed with the hacker using his unique sly manner. He continued sitcom-like conversation, like “Let’s talk slowly. 1.3 billion isn’t a dog’s name. You know I gotta sell both my pear and radish fields. Or I’ll give you the pear field, so why don’t you sell it,” “I got such goosebumps that I am living like a goose,” and “Change your profile picture.”

As a result, the police secured the crucial IP address and arrested two hackers.

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Public opinion seems to have turned around to some extent as the witty conversation that played a great tole in catching the criminals has been released. However, there are still doubts about his alleged propofol usages. Some even raise suspicions that Ha Jung Woo may be trying to “change the subject” by revealing the conversation with the hackers

Currently, a separate investigation is undergoing regarding the actor’s propofol case. According to the agency, no schedule has been set Ha Jung Woo’s summons to the prosecution yet.

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