The Changed Character Introduction of ‘The World of the Married’ Became a Hot Topic

Since JTBC’s The World of the Married hit a new phase, the production team added a few sentences in the character introduction page, drawing keen attention.

The World of the Married recently added a few sentences to the character introduction page on its official website. These sentences show a glimpse into the emotions and future developments as the story opened a whole new chapter.

Credit: JTBC

First of all, such sentences were added to Ji Sun Woo’s introduction: “All I have to do it cut my husband out of the picture. Every time I make a promise, my determination is shaken. I had to face the bottom of my emotions. Lee Tae Oh makes me so. You, I really want to kill you.”

Then “My decision to not make my son suffer the same pain that I had gone through. I had no idea that such decision was going to cause even greater misfortune,” was added to Lee Tae Oh’s introduction, heralding a greater change in his life as he is currently planning a revenge on his ex-wife.

Credit: JTBC

In particular, these sentences were added to Yeo Da Kyung’s introduction: “The connection between my husband and his ex-wife is annoying. I though Ji Sun Woo was crazy, holding on to the broken relationship. Only after being in the same situation, I understood her,”amplifying the question of whether Lee Tae Oh will have another affair.

The World of the Married airs every Friday and Saturday at 10:50 p.m. KST.

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