[Upcoming K-Drama] Character Guide to ‘Born Again’

Credit: KBS

KBS2’s new drama Born Again is a reincarnation mystery melodrama. It depicts the desperate love and revenge of the three men and women, who are intertwined in two lives in the 1980s and 2020. Directors Jin Hyung Wook and Lee Hyun Suk, who co-directed Liver or Die, will direct the drama, while Jang Ki Yong, Jin Se Yeon, and Lee Soo Hyuk will star, challenging the double role. In the story that takes place over the 30-year time gap, we will take a look at the characters played by the three actors.


Jang Ki Yong

Credit: KBS

Gong Ji Cheol [1980s] – A lonely man who loves the lover of a detective. Ji Cheol, who was abandoned by his biological mother and was abused by his stepmother, later find out that his father is a killer. Although he is strongly attracted to Ha Eun, whom he met at a night school in a church amid cruel fate, and wants to forget the fact that he is a son of a killer, he needs someone else’s heart in order to save her.

Cheon Jong Beom [2020] – A medical student from the top 1% family in South Korea. Although he grew up in the midst of envy, he has a secret that he was born from sperm donation. When his younger brother Jong Woo, who inherited his father’s blood, was born, he quickly became an outsider. Jung Sa Bin, an archaeology professor, who shows special attachments to the remains, appears in front of Jong Beom, who only worked to prove his use without learning the emotion of love.


Jin Se Yeon

Credit: KBS

Jung Ha Eun [1980s] – Owner of a used bookstore. She is suffering from heart disease and will die unless she receives a transplant. She treats all of her customers with warm attention, but she never knew that among these clients, there is a man who fell in love with her and has dark secrets.

Jung Sa Bin [2020] – An archaeology professor who works for the National Forensic Service. She is suffering a heart disease but lives her life energetically. One day, two men with totally different personalities approach her.


Lee Soo Hyuk

Credit: KBS

Cha Hyung Bin [1980s] – Fiance of Jung Ha Eun. Despite the fact that his fiance could die anytime without a transplant, he still deeply loves Ha Eun, who dreams of “eternity.”

Kim Soo Hyuk [2020] – A prosecutor who works for an investigative team in charge of excavating remains. He believes that no criminals can be rehabilitated and starts to hover around Sa Bin, who always hangs around with Jong Beom, who was a young offender.

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