Stars Who Got Into YouTube to Communicate Even More Closely with Their Fans

Credit: Hyeri Instagram, MBC, SBS, JTBC
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Credit: Hyeri Instagram, MBC, SBS, JTBC

Mysticism has become an old saying. Now stars open up about their daily lives through SNS to communicate with fans. In particular, OTT service is rapidly emerging due to “keeping social distance” in the midst of coronavirus pandemic. YouTube is a great example. Who are currently using YouTube to communicate more closely with their fans?


Shin Se Kyung

Opened in September 2018 / 21 Videos / 25 Million Views / 920,000 Subscribers

Shin Se Kyung is running the YouTube channel “Shin Se Kyung.” She posts videos with various contents, including her dogs, baking, travel, and daily life. She does not have a separate editor as she films and edits all videos by herself. On December 30 last year, she donated the proceeds from YouTube to Good Neighbors, NGO for international relief and development, to support girls from families in crisis.



Opened in June 2019 / 37 Videos / 27 Million Views / 620,000 Subscribers

Hyeri is running a YouTube channel called “I Am Lee Hyeri,” full of her friendly charm. Rather than presenting planned videos, she mostly films herself about her candid daily life, increasing the level of intimacy for fans. Subscribers for her channel range from teenagers to those in their 40s or 50s. Then in February, she released Q&A video to celebrate hitting 500,000 subscribers.


Han Ye Seul

Opened in August 2019 / 43 Videos / 35 Million Views / 730,000 Subscribers

Han Ye Seul made headlines in March by revealing her home through YouTube. She, who is taking a break since Big Issue and Sister’s Salon, is communicating with her fans with a variety of contents, including cooking, mukbang, beauty, and counselors, as well as “online housewarming party,” where she revealed her home.


Ahn Bo Hyun

Opened in February 2019 / 22 Videos / 6.4 Million Views / 220,000 Subscribers

The popularity of Ahn Bo Hyun, who came to fame with his role of Jang Geun Won in Itaewon Class, continued on YouTube. The number of subscribers increased by 170,000 in March. He mostly shared his fishing, camping, and home training life, which was also shown when he appeared on I Live Alone.

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