Rumors of the Affair Between Jung Eun Chae & Jun Joon Il Resurfaced After 10 Years

Credit: Keyeast, MW Music

Rumors of an affair between actor Jung Eun Chae and singer Jung Joon Il reignited in 10 years. Jung Joon Il is denying to leave any comments other than saying that it is “private life,” whereas Jung Eun Chae is avoiding to leave any answers.

Credit: MW Music, News 1

On April 17, WikiTree reported that Jung Eun Chae and Jung Joo Il committed extramarital affairs 10 years ago. According to reports, Jung Joon Il lied about being a married man while dating Jung Eun Chae. Also, Jung Eun Chae was known as Jung Joon Il’s girlfriend to his fans after showing up at his concerts several times. But their affair was exposed when a writing was posted on the singer’s fan cafe, revealing the true nature of their relationship.

In fact, rumors surrounding the relationship between the two have long been raised several times. Also, the fact that it was Jung Joon Il’s ex-wife, who wrote the post seemed to have proved the rumors to be true. However, the post was deleted, and the two never made any comments, leaving only suspicions.

Credit: MW Music

Ten years later, their relationship resurfaced. When the report came out, an official from Jung Joon Il’s agency, MW Music, said, “It was 10 years ago, and it’s impossible to confirm since it’s a matter of private life.” He also added that they are perplexed as to why something that happened 10 years ago made headlines.

However, he also corrected the reports, saying, “The fact that Jung Eun Chae didn’t know about his marital status is completely false. She knew very well that he was a married man at the time.” Jung Eun Chae’s agency, Keyeast, is currently avoiding any contacts.

This is not the first time Jung Eun Chae got caught up in an affair “rumors.” In 2013, she was reportedly having an affair with Kase Ryo, a Japanese actor who married a fellow Japanese actress. At the time, she denied the allegation, saying, “My close friend in Japan gave birth, so I went to visit her. He was just serving as a guide for me since we became friends after working together in director Hong Sang Soo’s film.”


To make matters worse, Jung Eun Chae is currently appearing in SBS’s new drama The King: Eternal Monarch, which aired its first episode on April 17, the same day the report regarding her affair came out.

Amid much public attention regarding the affair, the repercussions are growing as neither are not coming up with a clear answer.

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