MAMAMOO’s Solar Perfectly Pulls Off a Shaved Head in a Recent Teaser Image of ‘SPIT IT OUT’

MAMAMOO‘s Solar, who is set to make her solo debut, released an additional teaser image of her first single album SPIT IT OUT.

Solar shaved her head in a new teaser image of her first single album SPIT IT OUT on MAMAMOO’s official Twitter, raising the expectations for her solo debut to the fullest.

Credit: RBW

In the released photo, Solar is wearing a veil creating an elegant and mysterious atmosphere. She draws much attention as she perfectly pulls off shaved hairstyle, leaving a strong impact.

Solar presented various images through her teaser images, and even challenged a shaved head as a female singer, showcasing unrivaled presence with her confident and outspoken looks.

Solar will release her first single album SPIT IT OUT on April 23. The fact that this is the first time she is making a solo debut in six years since she started her career as MAMAMOO is grabbing the attention. The album captures Solar’s music color and passion, heralding the birth of a one awesome female solo artist.

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