Kim Hee Ae Shows Big Smile After Receiving Food Truck on the Filming Location of ‘The World of the Married’

Actor Kim Hee Ae sent her thanks to those who sent her the food truck.

On April 16, Kim Hee Ae posted a picture of her on her Instagram account along with a message, “Thank you so much. We cheered up and finished our filming well.” Underneath the message, she also posted series of hashtags.

In the released photo, she is posing as she smiles brightly in front of the food truck. She also grabs the attention with her beauty even in her comfortable outfits.

Kim Hee Ae is currently playing the role of Ji Sun Woo in JTBC’s The World of the Married, which has become the hot topic since the first episode. The World of the Married airs every Friday and Saturday.

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