When the COVID-19 Pandemic Dials Down, Disaster Films Are At the Ready

Will the formula for the box office hit of “summer = disaster films” work again this year?

According to the movie industry on April 15, Lotte Culture Works, the distribution company, is considering releasing the movie #Alone (working title) in June.

유아인, '짧은 머리~'
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#Alone is a work that depicts the story of isolated survivors in a chaotic city due to unidentified infection. It is a disaster thriller film that unfolds in a limited space for survivors as infected people resembling zombies ramble about.

Actor Yoo Ah In plays Jun Hoo, a gamer who survived as he stayed in his own apartment cut off from the rest of the world. Actor Park Shin Hye plays Yoo Bin, a survivor. The two will use SNS, drones, and online games to communicate with each other and survive in isolated situations, boosting the level of immersion in the story.

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Director Kim Ji Hoon’s new film Sinkhole is also set to be released this summer. It is a disaster comedy film that takes place as the house falls into a sinkhole.

Actor Cha Seung Won plays Chung Man Soo, a resident in a villa who struggles day and night as he raises his son alone. Actor Kim Sung Kyun plays the role of Park Dong Won, who achieved his dream of finally getting a house for himself but got trapped in a sinkhole with his house, whereas actor Lee Kwang Soo plays Kim Seung Hyun, a junior of Park Dong Won, who gets trapped in the house together.

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