‘Hyena’ Finishes Strong by Breaking Its Own Highest Viewership

SBS’s Hyena, which presented hard-working, passionate, and loving lawyers, ended by breaking its own highest viewer ratings.

According to Nielsen Korea, a ratings survey agency, the final episode of SBS’s Hyena, which aired on April 11, recorded viewer ratings of 12.4% in part and 16.5% in part 2, and peaked as high as 18.3%, setting a new best viewer ratings.

Credit: SBS

In the final episode, Jung Geum Ja (Kim Hey Soo) and Yoon Hee Jae (Ju Ji Hoon) were able to expose the true nature of Song Pil Joong (Lee Kyung Young), who was at the peak of the evil cartel in the legal circles. Everything returned back to its place as the fact that Song Pil Jung was in fact the real culprit behind the murder of Seo Jung Hwa (Lee Joo Yeon) was revealed.

With unique characters, prominent actors, and the perfect chemistry between the star director and rookie writer, Hyena was able to open a whole new chapter in the drama scene.

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