BTS V’s ‘Singularity’ Topped the ‘Legendary Solo Performances’ in China

The stage of BTS V’s “Singularity” was selected as the best “legendary solo performance” by K-POP artists in China.

Credit: YouTube

On March 20, China’s “Sina News” announced through Weibo, the most popular social networking site in China, that V’s solo song, “Singularity,” performed during BTS’s world tour “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” topped the “Legendary Solo Performances by K-POP artists.”

V became No.1 with a total of 727,754 votes. Considering the fact that BTS were never active in China, this is a remarkable achievement to guess V’s significant influence in China.

Credit: Weibo

“Singularity” is an R&B song based on neo-soul sounds, which is quite different from existing BTS songs, combined with the attractive voice of V. Since the song was released as the intro song of LOVE YOURSELF: Tear back in May 2018, it has consistently received enthusiastic responses from music critics and leading media around the world.

Created by world-renowned choreographer Keone Madrid, “Singularity” is a work in which his talent for choreography using props blossomed after meeting V’s expressive ability. Previously, MTV described V’s stage that “even the most subtle movements — a caress here, a glance there — were met with awe and fervent screams.”

“Singularity,” which sublimated the challenge of the slow-tempo neo-soul genre into a musical-like artistic stage through restrained choreography, is likely to be remembered as a “legendary solo stage” in fans’ memories.

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