Jo Kwon Expresses His Discomfort to Fans who Followed Him to the Polling Place

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Singer Jo Kwon speaks out his discomfort toward some extreme fans who followed him all the way to the polling place.

Credit: Cube Entertainment

On April 10, Jo Kwon left a lengthy message on his Instagram story about what he had to go through as he visited the polling place.

“I thought that I’ll pre-vote today, so I made up my mind and went to the polling place very comfortably. I was surprised to see the reporters at the scene, but I did interviews with them with gratitude.

But there was another situation that made me very upsetting. There were a lot of people who looked like fans around the polling place.

Some of them followed me to my house, asking me why I was running away. Some of them were even filming me so I ended up walking around a few laps before going into my house, which was close to the polling place.

I think some of you need some manners.

I would like to sincerely thank the officials who are working hard to thoroughly prevent the coronavirus at the polling place.”

Jo Kwon visited the Cheongdam Community Center in southern Seoul to participate in early voting of the National Assembly election.

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