‘Search Out’ Heo Ga Yoon Talks about Her Career as Both an Actor and a K-POP Star

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A new film, Search Out, starring Heo Ga Yoon, a former member of 4Minute, will be released soon.

Credit: 300 Company

Search Out is a story about Sung Min and Jun Hyuk, who are questioning the suicide case in goshiwon (a house with extremely small rooms where students live in while studying for important tests), tracking down social media-linked crimes that have deeply permeated into their daily lives with Nuri, a hacker from a detective agency. Heo Ga Yoon played the role of hacker Nuri and worked together with actors Lee Si Eon and Kim Sung Cheol.

After the disbandment of 4Minute in 2016, Heo Ga Yoon became an actor and built up her filmography step by step, appearing in dramas, including MBC’s Lights and Shadows and tvN’s Let’s Eat 2, as well as movies such as Daddy You, Daughter Me, Too Hot to Die, and THE DRUG KING. Then by starring in Search Out, she played the lead role for the first time.

Credit: 300 Company

When asked if she feels upset about a film she starred in as a lead role for the first time being released in the midst of coronavirus, where the audience has stopped visiting the theaters, Heo Ga Yoon answered, “It’s a little upsetting but I think it’s better than delaying the premiere date.” Regarding her first lead role, she said, “Before, I appeared briefly to show my acting, but this time I’m happy to be able to show my acting for a long time.”

Also to the question “whether she had any gains and losses of being a former K-POP star,” she frankly said, “I think it gives me both gains and losses. Gain is, as the director told me, I have something unique unhindered behaviors of K-POP stars and quick understanding.” She added, “If there’s a loss, I think it will be the fact that people will be more familiar with me as a singer more than an actor since I was a singer for a longer period of time.”

She also said that the most rewarding compliment she received since she started acting was the one she heard from actor Song Kang Ho. “When I was filming for the movie ‘The Drug King,’ there weren’t many scenes where I appeared. But Song Kang Ho took such good care of me, praised me generously, even showed me some of my lines personally, saying, “Try like this or that. Do whatever you want” and complimented me, saying, “You did good,” she said.

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Currently, every member of 4Minute, except for HyunA, have become actors. When asked if she talks about acting with the members, she said, “We don’t talk much about acting. In the past, we talked to each other about everything because we were a team and needed to do well together, but now it seems like we all have individual works/jobs. It feels like we can’t dare tell each other what to do or what not to do. Because what we say can be hurtful, we tend to be more careful in what we say. Members are like a family to me.”

She also talked about the possibility of 4Minute getting back together. “Recently, more teams getting reunited. We’ve also talked about it, but since our songs are pretty powerful and intense, we all agreed that either we should get together soon or we shouldn’t do it forever. Of course, we all imagine that we may be reunited someday,” she added.

Search Out, starring Heo Ga Yoon as a lead role, will be released on April 15.

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