Big Hit Entertainment Responds to the Reports of BTS’s Comeback in Japan

Big Hit Entertainment responded to the reports of BTS releasing a new album in Japan this summer.

Credit: Big Hit Entertainment

Regarding the reports of BTS’s comeback in Japan, Big Hit Entertainment answered, “We will notify the release schedules of the new album after all dates are confirmed.”

Earlier on April 7, Sports Donga reported that BTS will be releasing a new album in Japan in July and will hold Japan tour starting in Fukuoka.

According to the reports, the new album will include a Japanese version of recently released title track, “ON,” from the group’s fourth full length album, as well as “Stay Gold,” an original soundtrack of a new Japanese TV series, The Spiral Labyrinth-DNA Science Investigation (literal translation).

BTS previously released their 10th Japanese single, Lights/Boy With Luv, lat July.

Meanwhile, BTS is planning a stadium tour in Japan, starting with Fukuoka in June, Osaka in July, Saitama in August and Tokyo in September.

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