(G)I-DLE Is Back with a Goal of Becoming No.1

“It’s an album that means ‘I trust myself’.” With colorful performances and the music video that features artistic images, (G)I-DLE has returned to the K-POP scene.

Credit: Cube Entertainment

(G)I-DLE held an online showcase to start their full-scale promotional activities of their third mini-album, I TRUST, at 5:00 p.m. on April 6 KST. Although the showcase was interrupted for about 10 minutes due to a problem with the connection, the group perfected their mysterious and dreamy stage, signaling their big comeback. Besides Jo Kwon, who hosted the showcase, Miyeon, Minnie, Soojin, Soyeon, Yuqi, and Shuhua attended the event.

I TRUST, which contains the message of “I trust myself,” is a work that captures the pride of (G)I-DLE. The group’s leader Soyeon introduced the album as “as the title suggests, the album contains the message of ‘I trust myself.’ It’s a title that shows the confidence of (G)I-DLE.”

Credit: Cube Entertainment

The album included a total of five tracks, “Oh My God,” “I Love You,” “Maybe,” “LION,” “Oh my god(english Ver.).” The title track “Oh My God,” expresses the trust we have in ourselves. It will show the meaning of “Just trusting myself can make me feel confident.” The song will send the message of “realizing that I have to trust myself as I go through feelings of rejection, confusion, acknowledgment, and dignity when confronting the reality. ” Soyeon composed the song herself, and it shows a bold rhythm change.

Before her debut as (G)I-DLE, Soyeon was noted for her role in Mnet’s Produce 101: Season 1, an idol-promoting program, and Unpretty Rapstar, female rappers’ survival program. (G)I-DLE made their debut in May 2018 with their own production centered around Soyeon, differentiating themselves from other girl groups.

Soyeon said that she wanted to make an album about “one’s feelings.” She also added how she “wanted to include various feelings about one thing in each track.”

Last year, Queendom, an entertainment show that present a “concept competition” between six girl groups, is considered a show that helped people to rediscover the charms of these groups. The teams, which had only been imprinted with fragmentary images, were given a fresh start. In particular, (G)I-DLE members, the youngest team among these six groups, rose rapidly, as “concept masters.”

The music video that was released on the same day was also extraordinary. There were bold and unconventional scenes such as being dragged helplessly by someone or pouring red liquid all over the face, and crying out with her body soaked in mud.

(G)I-DLE’s challenge in the making of the music video was also impressive. “The mud in my ears kept coming out for a week,” said Soyeon, referring to the scene where she was rolling around the mud. “I tried acting for the first time in this music video,” said Minnie. “From rolling around in the mud to body painting, it wasn’t easy.”

Credit: Cube Entertainment

Meanwhile, due to the spread of coronavirus, (G)I-DLE canceled their first world tour and released the album about a month later than they originally planned. (G)I-DLE is devising a variety of ways to meet their fans even under these conditions. Miyeon said, “We prepared an English version of ‘Oh My God’ for our fans around the world. I’m sorry that our Europe and US tour has been delayed, but safety comes first. The world is facing such difficult times, but I hope we get through this soon.”

The goal they have with this album is to win the first prize in music shows. “We’ve never won the first place in the public TV,” said Soyeon. “We would be so happy to be with Neverland ((G)I-DLE’s fandom) at the moment.”

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