BTS’s V Joined the “Stay at Home Challenge” in the Midst of the Aftermath of Recent Coronavirus

The video posted by V, a member of BTS, as he joined the “Stay at Home Challenge” in the aftermath of coronavirus, has gone viral.

V posted a video on BTS’s official Twitter account on April 5, along with a short message, “If you’re bored, talk to your TV.”

In the released video, V is standing in front of his TV and is imitating the singer’s singing and dancing. The song is Scoot Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox’s “Closer (Nin),” featuring Kenton Chen.

In particular, he added the hashtag to the post, “#Jipcock (stay at home) Challenge.” While the entire world is encouraging “keeping social distance,” V has caught the eye by sharing his daily life at home.

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