Microdot’s Parents Were Sentenced to Prison Even in an Appeal

Microdat‘s parents were sentenced to prison even in an appeal for fraud.

In an recent hearing, the prosecution demanded that Shin, Microdat’s father, and Kim, Microdat’s mother, be sentenced to prison for each five and three years.

The legal representative of the couple expressed the remorse that the defendants are feeling and asked to “Please take into account the situation of IMF at the time and the fact that the defendants are willing to pay back the debts.”

Credit: OBS

Previously, the parents of Microdot were accused of borrowing about 400 million KRW (approx. 323,465 USD) from 14 people, including relatives and neighbors, from 1990 to 1998 and fleeing to New Zealand without paying them back.

Victims got enraged after watching Microdot boasting his family’s wealth as he appeared on multiple entertainment shows, and began what they called a “Debt Too” in 2018 (derived from “Me Too” movement).

After the controversy has surfaced, Microdot and his brother Sanchez temporarily suspended their activities in the entertainment industry. Their parents made a promise to return and pay back the debt, but they soon went into hiding without keeping the promise. In response, the police even requested the Interpol to cooperate with the investigation.

In the end, Microdot’s parents returned to Korean last April and were put under arrest without warrant at the airport.

The sentencing trial for the parents of Microdot will be held at the Cheongju District Court on April 24.

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