Security Camera Footage of Wheesung Purchasing Anesthetics Was Released

While singer Wheesung was found unconscious after injecting anesthetics, security camera footage showing him purchasing the drugs directly from a person was released.

휘성, '韓 예술문화인대상' 수상자로 참석
Credit: Channel A

MBN released a security camera footage showing Wheesung directly trading drugs with a man just before he injected anesthetics on March 31.

The released video shows a man wearing a hat, mask and jumper meeting another man, handing over the money and being handed what was inside a black bag. The man who received the package is dressed just like Wheesung on the day he was found unconscious in the bathroom.

The first witness who found the singer on the ground said, “At first, he didn’t understand what I was saying and knocked out enough to respond strangely. Also there was a lingering tremor.”

It has been reported that Wheesung stated that he “traded the drugs with someone he found on the internet” during his investigation.

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