Lee Soo Stirred Up the Controversy over His Past Involvement in Child Prostitution

MC the Max‘s Lee Soo hinted at countering the malicious comments, However, this only rekindled the controversy over his past engagement in child prostitution.

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Recently, the singer held a live broadcast to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his debut, he said, “I think it’s impossible for everyone to like me. If there are things that some like, than some are bound to dislike it.” Then he added, “I’ll make sure I get things right when they cross the line. I hope you don’t get too upset. I will remain as a hard-working musician as always.”

This was a warning to the haters leaving malicious comments about his past mixed with a gratitude to his fans who support him.

Credit: Lee Soo SNS

However, the public are once again paying attention to his disgraceful past.

Lee Soo was questioned by police in 2009 for allegedly engaging in child prostitution. At the time, he admitted buying sex, but claimed that he didn’t know that she was a minor. Lee Soo, who was handed over to trial on charges of violating the Youth Protection Act, was suspended from indictment in 2010 on the condition of taking “John School (education to prevent sex trafficking).” The fact that he was a first offender also served with a light punishment.

Meanwhile, MC the Max released their 20th anniversary album CEREMONIA on March 25.

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