‘Solo Debut’ EXO’s Suho, “I’ve put in my honest stories.”

EXO’s Suho is releasing his first solo album.

Credit: SM Entertainment

Suho will release his first mini-album, Self-Portrait, at 6:00 p.m. on March 30 KST. This is the first time for the singer to release a solo album since his debut as EXO in 2012.

“Let’s Love,” the title track of the album, is a modern rock genre song that features lyrical melodies and warm atmosphere, with lyrics of “even though we might be clumsy and lacking in expressing love, but let’s love anyway.”

Also, the album includes a total of six song: a dreamy pop song, “O2,” and a fan song, “Made In You,” “Starry Night,” a rock ballad expressing longing for a lover after a breakup, “Self-Portrait,” a song that depicts a person who recalls his loved ones from his self-portrait, and “For You Now,” a song featuring Younha. Suho participated in writing and concept planning for the entire album.

As the keen attention is being paid to the singer’s first solo album, Suho personally shared his thoughts and goals.

Credit: SM Entertainment

Q1. How do you feel about debuting as a solo artist?

A. This is the music that I wanted to do and express my own colors to all EXO-L and music fans. It’s also not the music I showed through EXO. So I’m nervous, but mostly excited.


Q2. What did you want to express through this album?

A. I wanted to show Suho/ Kim Jun Myeon the best. And I wanted to communicate with many people through music that expresses me.


Q3. What did you pay the most attention to as you prepared for your solo album?

A. There’s isn’t a point that I didn’t pay attention to, but I think the lyrics were the most important part. I wanted to communicate with EXO-L and many others with my sincere lyrics.


Q4. You also participated in the concept planning. What specific ideas did you come up with?

A. I actually came up with the overall concept ideas from the start. Inspired by Van Gogh during the trip, I suggested from the beginning that I wanted to produce an album that is like my “self-portrait.” I tried to express this from album cover to lyrics even to album composition. I continued to meet with the production team and actively communicate with them as we talked about the images that come to mind when we hear “Suho.”


Q5. What is the key point to listen to in the title track “Let’s Love”?

A. All songs will be the same, but especially, “Let’s Love” is a song that presents different feelings depending on the time of day and your mood. It’s a story about love, which anyone can relate to. It’s a good enough song to just enjoy the feelings inside.


Q6. What does EXO mean to Suho?

A. I think EXO is my everything. During my 30 years of life, I was in the company for 15 years. Naturally, EXO and EXO-L became the biggest part of my life.


Q7. Usually with EXO, you have presented a strong and charismatic images. What would you like to show as a solo artist?

A. It’s not a powerful dance song. I tried to put in a more emotional and personal stories, and I really worked hard to express them as honestly as I could.


Q8. How did the rest of the members react? Were there any advice for acting as a solo artist?

A. Rather than advice, after hearing the song, they cheered for me and said that “Let’s Love” will be a meaningful song for both EXO and EXO-L.


Q9. You collaborated with Younha. What was it like? Are there any other artists you would like to collaborate with?

A. “For You Now” was originally a solo song, but I thought it will sound much better with a female vocalist, so I asked Younha first if she would like to collaborate with me. I’d like to say thank you for so willingly agreeing to it. Also, I’ve always wanted to work with Nell. If I have a chance, I’d like to perform on stage with Nell.


Q10. What are your plans or goals for this solo album?

A. Rather than having a big goal or plan, I just hope that this album will touch EXO-L’s heart. I hope it will be a good opportunity for people to hear my voice and music.


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