Lee Hyo Ri Asks for Help for the Abandoned Dog Whose Adoption Was Blocked Due to Coronavirus

Singer Lee Hyo Ri asked for help for the abandoned dog whose adoption has been blocked in the aftermath of recent coronavirus.

Credit: News Culture, Lee Hyo Ri Instagram

On March 29, she posted a message on her Instagram, asking for help. She wrote, “Last summer I met Juju, who lived a miserable life after being left in a blocked cage. Fortunately, we were able to find a new family for her in Canada, but we are facing hard times again. Even though we are all in the middle of troubled times, but I will wait if you can help…”

This is because Canada banned all foreign entry due to COVID-19, which prevented Juju from flying. In response, Lee Hyo Ri is asking for help from those to have Canada or the US citizenship, traveling to Canada.

Public are sending their supports as the singer, who showed extraordinary love for animals, including adopting abandoned dogs and volunteer works, stepped up.

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