Boy Band ONEWE Drops the Teaser Music Video of Their New Song ‘Q’ Featuring Hwa Sa

Boy Band ONEWE released teaser music video for their new song, “Q,” featuring MAMAMOO’s Hwa Sa.

Credit: RBW

At midnight on March 30, ONEWE showcased a teaser music video for their upcoming song “Q,” featuring Hwa sa on their official Twitter and YouTube.

In the released video, ONEWE and Hwa Sa showed off their perfect teamwork. Hwa Sa revealed her eye-catching charm once again whereas ONEWE drew attention with their performances.

In particular, the harmony of ONEWE and Hwa Sa’s charming and unique vocals captivates the ears, while the addictive melody lies and the energy of their performances is already raising the expectations.

ONEWE will release “Q” on April 2. The song is composed by CyA, a member of ONEWE. Also the fact that Hwa Sa participated in the featuring of the song is grabbing the attention of fans.

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