Playlist Unveiled Photos of ‘Twenty-Twenty’ During Their Recent Table Read

Singer Kim Woo Seok and Playlist released photos of the recent table read for Twenty-Twenty.

On March 27, Kim Woo Seok posted a “proof” picture of him holding a script of Twenty-Twenty, along with a short message, “20-20.”

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At the same time, Playlist, NAVER subsidiary company, also shared photos of the actors at the table read, drawing the attention. The released photos present actors, including Kim Woo Seok, Han Sung Min, Park Sang Nam, Chae Won Bin, Chan, Jin Ho Eun and Bae Hae Sun, all holding their scripts, showing off the pleasant atmosphere.

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Twenty-Twenty will tell the story of youth in their 20s who work to find there dreams as they experience freedom and responsibility for the first time. Director Han Soo Ji said, “If we presented a story of eighteen years old youth in ‘A-Teen’ in 2018 and nineteen year olds in ‘A-Teen 2’ in 2018, we will portray the life of people in their 20s in ‘Twenty-Twenty.’”

Meanwhile, Twenty-Twenty will start filming on April 11 and is scheduled to ait in July.

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