WINNER, the K-POP Group that Continues to Challenge Without Complacency

Spring songs with comical images also worked. WINNER captivated music fans with their unique charm.

Credit: YG Entertainment

WINNER released their new song “Hold” at 6:00 p.m. on March 26 KST. This is the new song to be released in five months since their third mini-album CROSS, released last October.

On March 30, WINNER will perform “Hold” for the first time during their comeback live streaming (WINNER COMEBACK LIVE : Hold a ‘Remember’ Party). Then at 6:00 p.m. on April 9 KST, WINNER will release their third full-length album, Remember, which includes a total of 12 songs, including “Hold.”

The responses to the new song is explosive. WINNER topped the Twitter Worldwide Trend with #HOLDWINNER, the combination of the group and their new song, on the afternoon of the release date. They achieved great results on major music charts as well. As of 11:00 p.m. KST, “Hold” topped five local music charts, including Bugs, Soribada and Vibe. It is ranked second in Melon and Genie. Overseas responses are also hot. The song has topped the iTunes charts in 16 countries, including, Hong Kong and Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and the Philippines.

Credit: YG Entertainment

Starting with their debut song, “Empty,” released in 2014, WINNER has been on a roll as they succeeded in putting all of their title tracks released over the past six years, including “REALLY REALLY,” “LOVE ME LOVE ME,” “EVERYDAY,” “MILLIONS” and “AH YEAH,” at the number one spot on the music charts.

It is also impressive to see them continue their colorful transformation rather than being stuck in their own formality. WINNER showcased an unprecedented dark and complex emotions when they released “SOSO,” the title track of CROSS, last October. Unlike their inner state, which is raging with anger, they seemingly appeared calm, presenting a crossover song that expresses the ambivalence as a twist in each part. It was the group’s challenge to put down the existing bright and refreshing images and show a clear transformation.

Credit: YG Entertainment

You can also feel how WINNER is trying to change once again in their new song, “Hold.” While maintaining their unique, cheerful and lively feelings, and powerful energy, they added new images with unique lyrics, witty beats and impressive arrangements. The recent album cover with retro concept, and the music video with AKMU’s Suhyun, shows WINNER’s charms that we have never seen before.

Song Min Ho said in an interview video for “Hold” released on March 26 that “we have performed many cheerful songs before, and we have filmed music videos in the same manners, but we have never been ‘embarrassed’ this much before.” Regarding the unique composition of the song, he explained, “I wanted to make it short and intense rather than diversify it. Isn’t this a good idea?”

“From Hold to Remember, our fans will get to see various sides of us,” said Kang Seung Yoon. Then Lee Seung Hoon also added, “I hope many people will enjoy the song lightly. I believe that this will be a good gift for the fans who have been waiting for us for a long time.”

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