Super Junior’s Leeteuk Shows off His Friendship with J-Hope of BTS

Leeteuk, a member of Super Junior, showed off his friendship with BTS’s J-Hope.

Credit: SPOTVNEWS, BTS Twitter

On March 26, Leeteuk posted a picture of the signed CD on his Instagram and wrote, “My good neighbor, BTS’s J-Hope. Hope told me he wanted to give me a signed CD, but our schedules didn’t line up, so I got this CD from Hobi’s mom. So I put a new cookbook and a diffuser in the bag she had given me, dropped it off at the security office by her home, and contacted her.”

He then continued to thank J-Hope’s mother and said, “Thank you for always taking care of me. And Hobi is so sincere and kind. He’s the best!! I already told my mom and Hoseok that I would post it.”

In the album, BTS wrote, “Teuk hyung, This is BTS! Since our new album is out, we wanted to say hi! Thank you for always supporting us! We’re always inspired by [Super Junior’s] your works, and we will continue to work hard, too. Always stay healthy and please listen to our album a lot.”

Meanwhile, Leeteuk appeared on an entertainment show and revealed his relationship with J-Hope’s parents. He said, “When I was in sauna, I met J-Hope’s father. Then after a few days, his mother and aunt also came up to me to say hi. I don’t know J-Hope’s number but I know his father’s.”

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