One of the Operators for ‘Nth Telegram Rooms’ Revealed to be a 16-Year-Old Boy

Reports made on March 26th by the Seoul Metropolitan Police, have stated that there is a 16-year-old boy under the nickname of ‘Pacific Ocean‘, who’s been responsible for being one of the main operators of the ‘Nth Telegram Chatrooms‘.

The young boy was in charge of a chatroom titled ‘Pacific Ocean Expedition’, that was distributing illegal and explicit underage material. The 16-year-old is reported to have been an operator since October of 2019, and ran a room holding 8,000-10,000 registered members. The young operator sought out the police himself after Jo Joo Bin‘s crimes were revealed to the public, and entered investigations since January. He also started telling his clients to use the app ‘Wire’ instead of ‘Telegram’ to receive illegal materials, which uses invite-only chat rooms, which has also made him responsible for the distribution of illegal material in the rooms on the ‘Wire’ app as well.

One of the main operators of the huge scandal in Korea, Jo Joo Bin, is now in custody after his identity was revealed to the public. He stated in the press conference held yesterday, “Thank you for ending the life of a demon I couldn’t stop.”



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