Jeon Somi Releases the First Preview Video for Her First Reality Show ‘I AM SOMI’

Singer Jeon Somi unveiled the first preview video for her upcoming reality show, I AM SOMI.

On March 26, her agency Black Label uploaded a preview video of Jeon’s solo reality show I AM SOMII on its official YouTube channel, drawing fans’ attentions.

The one-minute video clip shows the singer getting up early in the morning for her high school graduation ceremony. By presenting her pleasant energy and honest charms, even in this short footage, she is raising the expectations.

I AM SOMI is a solo reality show hosted by Jeon Somi in commemoration of her turning 20 and will feature her “real charm” shown in her daily lives. Starting with its first broadcast through Black Label YouTube channel on March 28, the show will be released every Saturday at 10:00 p.m. KST.

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