Wheesung Is Under Investigation for Abusing Illegal Drug Propofol

Police are reportedly investigating singer Wheesung on charges of habitual use of propofol, a psychotropic drug.

On March 26, Chosun Ilbo quoted a source in their report, “In the course of the recent arrest and investigation of a drug dealer, we secured statements and evidence that he had provided singer Wheesung a large amount of propofol.” Police believe that Wheesung was given a large sum of the drug and are reportedly planning to apply for a warrant to arrest him soon.

This is not the first time that the singer was involved in a propofol usages. Previously, he was accused of habitually injecting propofol at a dermatology and a neuropsychiatry hospital from 2011 to early 2013. To which, he replied that “it was for the purpose of treating herniated disk and hair loss.” Later on July 10, 2013, he was cleared of all charges.

Credit: YTN

However, the controversy surfaced again when Amy, a close friend of Wheesung, disclosed on her Instagram that she was with someone else when she was injected with propofol and zolpidem. She wrote, “Every time when I used propofol, celeb A was there.”

Soon after, the public started to speculate that the celeb actually is Wheesung. In response, he announced his official statement, denying the allegation that he would be punished accordingly if it turned out to be true. Later Amy apologized publicly, settling the controversy.

Propofol, a psychotropic narcotic, is a specialized medicine that is administered to patients who undergo sleep endoscopy or simple plastic surgery. When a small amount of propofol is injected, it can cause some ecstasy and recovery, which can easily lead to drug dependence and death if overdosed. In response, the government has classified propofol as a narcotic, strictly supervising the usages.

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