Wheesung Is Currently Undergoing an Investigation for Illegal Propofol Usages

Police are reportedly investigating singer Wheesung on charges of habitual use of propofol, a psychotropic drug.

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According to Chosun Ilbo’s report on March 26, police are currently investigating Wheesung for his habitual use of propofol. As such facts are revealed, the previous controversy regarding Amy, former TV personality, and Wheesung is drawing attention again.

In the course of the recent arrest and investigation of a drug dealer, police reportedly secured statements and evidence that the singer had used a large amount of propofol. Police believe that Wheesung was given a large sum of the drug and are planning to apply for an arrest warrant.

This is not the first time that the singer has been suspected of propofol usages. Previously, while Wheesung was serving in the military, he was questioned by prosecutors in 2013 on charges of habitually taking propofol at a dermatology and other places from 2011 to early 2013. Later on July 10, 2013, he was cleared of all charges.

Back then, he replied that “it was for the purpose of treating herniated disk and hair loss,” and added that “a very small amount was used to in order to speed up these treatments, and that caused a misunderstanding.”

Then in last April, Amy, a close friend of Wheesung, disclosed on her Instagram that whenever she used propofol and zolpidem, “celeb A was with me the whole time.” Amy even claimed that he tried to rape and illegally film her in order to keep her mouth shut.

Amy, a US citizen, was sentenced to two years in prison in August of 2012 after she was caught taking propofol earlier that year. The immigration authorities had received two compliance pledges from Amy that she would not raise any objections when she is forced to leave the country if she reneged the law again. However, in 2014, she was kicked out of Korea after being fined again for using zolpidem.

Credit: Realslow Company

Soon after the post created a stir, the public started to speculate that the celeb mentioned in her statement is Wheesung. In response, he announced his official statement, denying the allegation and that if there is any recording as she claimed, he would be punished accordingly.

On April 19, Wheensung released a recording of a call with Amy on YouTube. He said, “I’ve got a call from Amy on the night of April 17 and this recording was made in agreement with her.”

Because of the controversy, Wheesung canceled a national tour of the “2019 K.will X Wheesung Broman Show” scheduled at the time. He said, “I feel like I’ve already lost everything. Nevertheless, I believe that Amy’s apology is her own freedom. But if she apologizes, I just hope it’ll be sincere,” expressing his mixed feelings.

Later, Amy apologized to Wheesung through an interview with a media outlet. On May 22, she said, “I was close to Wheesung and we attended the same hospital. I had a misunderstanding when I found out that he had been prescribed with the drugs.” Then she added, “Wheesung was prescribed with propofol for therapeutic purposes, which already has been confirmed during the investigation.”

At the end of the interview, Amy apologized, saying, “I feel even more sorry for Wheesung, as he is the kind of person who understood me saying that I was also the victim. From now on, I will live my life in self-reflection.”

Last December, Wheesung canceled all of his year-end tours, stating that he ruptured his gluteus maximus and that he is suffering a knee injury. Even until now, he is on a break.

Realslow Company, Wheesung’s agency, is currently refusing to take any calls, declining to comment on the investigation.

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