‘Old School Intern’ Releases the Still Photos of Park Hae Jin

MBC’s new series Old School Intern (literal translation) recently released the still photos of Park Hae Jin, who transformed into an elite office worker.

Credit: MBC

Old School Intern is a comic office drama about two men facing one another once again in a reversed position. Lee Man Shik (Kim Eung Soo), who got demoted, starts fresh as an intern under Ga Yul Chan (Park Hae Jin), the elite marketing director who was tormented by Lee Man Shik when we first started his work. The two will stage secret revenge against each other amid real survival competition in the workplace, offering cheerful laughter and fun to the small screen.

In the drama, Park Hae Jin will play Ga Yul Chan, the elite marketing director of the ramen business who started the project of “Hot Chicken Fried Noodle” and been on a roll ever since. He will present a unique bromance as a “comic duo” with Kim Eung Soo as they present the complicated relationship.

The released still photos are from the scene where Park enjoy a get-together with his teammates.

MBC’s Old School Intern will air as a follow-up of Find Me in Your Memory.

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