KBS Answered to the Controversy About Their Main Anchorman Choi Dong Seok

KBS stated that they have warned Choi Dong Seok, an anchorman who took a family trip even in the midst of “keeping social distance,” to act properly as the anchorman of the public television. However, they failed to mention the public’s demand to step him down from News 9.

On March 26, KBS announced their position on the matter regarding Choi Dong Seok through the KBS website.

Credit: Park Ji Yoon Instagram

Previously on March 25, Park Ji Yoon, a wife of Choi, posted pictures of her family traveling on her Instagram. When a person commented on her post that they should have been careful since the entire country is currently in the midst of keeping social distance, Park replied that the trip was to a private condo and wrote on her Instagram story to “mind your own business.”

When the controversy of the main anchorman of a public television going on a trip as the news are emphasizing everyday to keep the social distance arose, KBS was buried with the demands to remove Choi from the main news.

Credit: Park Ji Yoon Instagram

KBS stated that, “Choi Dong Seok accepted the comments from the viewers and expressed his intentions to reflect on what happened and pay attention to his behaviors from now on.”

They added, “We also understand that Park Ji Yoon posted an apology and explanation personally on her Instagram last night,”

Then they finished by saying that “Regarding the matter, KBS have warned Choi Do Seok to behave appropriately as the main anchorman and all members of KBS will do their part as a public broadcasters to actively join in overcoming COVID-19.”

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