Yoona of Girls’ Generation to Star in the New JTBC’s Drama ‘Hush’

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Yoona, a member of Girls’ Generation, has confirmed her appearance in the new JTBC’s drama Hush.

Credit: SM Entertainment, SEM COMPANY

On March 25, JTBC’s Hush announced that Lim Yoona will play the role of female lead character Lee Ji Soo.

Hush is an office drama about newspaper reporters and their everyday struggles, problems, and ethical dilemmas. It is based on the novel Silence Warning.

In the drama, Yoona will play Lee Ji Soo, an intern reporter. Lee Ji Soo is a confident person who has to say what’s in her heart even during an interview. After meeting Han Joon Hyuk (Hwang Jung Min) as a mentor, she dreams of becoming a “real” reporter. Yoona will deliver the intern’s spirit and passionate energy to the viewers.

With her impressive performances, ranging from slick comedy to intense action, in EXIT, which drew a total of 9.4 million viewers, she proved herself as a valuable actor. Moreover, the attention is being raised on the news of her comeback to the small screen in three years since The King in Love.

Meanwhile, Hush, starring Hwang Jung Min and Yoona, will air in the second half of this year.

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