Kang Daniel’s Recent “Comeback Show” Was a Great Success

Singer Kang Daniel completed the perfect “Comeback Show” by unveiling his new songs for the first time and making a sincere confession.

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On March 24, the comeback show to celebrate the release of Kang’s first min-album CYAN was broadcasted on Mnet.

Kang first opened up his comeback show by performing “Jealous” on the stage. Then, he gathered in the studio with the company’s A&R team and held a meeting. During it, he said, “We picked some difficult songs this time. But I actually like the fact that they are difficult. It makes you work harder.” When asked how he felt about the comeback, he answered, “I feel great. I’m both excited and nervous.”

Credit Mnet

He then performed “Adulthood” and “TOUCHIN,” which were released last November. He presented totally different charms: in “Adulthood,” he showed off the refreshing vibe, whereas in “TOUCHIN,” he boasted his masculine and mature sides.

Later, Kang also went to experience Tarot reading to see his fortune ahead.

At the same time, his practice room was also unveiled. Introducing the title track “2U,” Kang commented that “the song will cheer you and give you comfort when you get tired running towards your dream. It’s a good song to listen to, but even a better song to perform on stage.”


Finally, Kang performed “2U,” showing off the sweet dance moves that go well with the spring, as he finished the comeback show.

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