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Recent days, it’s hard for us to go out, not to mention travel. Maybe it’s because we’ve been stuck in our home for some time. Just watching the exotic scene on TV seems to relieve the stress. At this time, Friendshipz Insider Tour: Like It, starring Lee Jin Hyuk, Lee Se Jin and Kim Min Kyu, was released. The three who believe themselves to be “outsiders” will travel LA and Las Vegas to become “insiders” and take “photos of a lifetime.” What did these three get from this trip? Let’s listen to their honest stories.

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Q. For me personally, when I travel with my friends, we always end up fighting at least once. I wonder if the three of you had any quarrels.

Jin Hyuk: To be honest, we’ve never had a fight. If the sensitive subjects appeared, then we just talked it out.

Se Jin: I think that’s the beauty of travel. I did hear that a lot of people end up arguing when they travel. But for us, there were times when we talked about what was in our mind, so I think that helped us to not get upset at each other and solve the issues smoothly.

Min Kyu: We always talked to each other and didn’t hold back, so we never faced a hard time.

Jin Hyuk: That’s why it’s amazing. Before we traveled, we all thought that we might have an argument at least once. But on the last day, we were even surprised at how well we got along.

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Q. Were there any sides of one another that you realized for the first time during the travel?

Se Jin: I think there will be a lot of new sides of us that we knew of each other but the viewers would have never known. There are many images and footage of us performing as singers, but there aren’t many of those where we talk and live like every other people.

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Q. Have you ever felt like you guys had something in common? Or perhaps felt like you guys were so different?

Min Kyu & Jin Hyuk: I think the fact that we are so different makes us even more perfect.

Min Kyu: Because we are all so different, it’s more fun to hang out as we complete one another.

Jin Hyuk: Funny thing is, three of us have different preferences. If someone says, “I’ll do this” or “I’ll do that,” then we say, “Let’s do them all.” Also, even as we take pictures according to the theme of “insider tour,“ we all have different styles. That’s why the travel got more fun and now we have all kinds of unique pictures.


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Q. It’s time to wrap up this interview. What’s the last thing you would like to say to your fans and the viewers?

Jin Hyuk: “Friendshipz Insider Tour: Like It” is exactly like this interview. Since three friends with different styles went on a trip, if you enjoyed this interview, you would enjoy the show even more. Please look forward to it.

Min Kyu: Please show us a lot of love as we show you the sides you’ve never see before.

Se Jin: This show captures the beautiful scenery of Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and our friendship. Also, you will get the meet the “real” us and our honest relationship.


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