Even with the Controversy over the Cast, ‘Heart Signal 3’ Will Air Its First Episode on March 25, Without Making Any Changes

Heart Signal 3 will air its first episode amid controversy about the cast members, Will they be able to dispel this controversy, satisfy the viewers and win back their love?

Credit: Channel A

Channel A’s Heart Signal 3, which will premiere on March 25, is a reality show in which young men and women move into “Signal House” where they flirt with each other as the celebs, who appear in the show as the “Predictors,“ will predict their psychology and detect potential lovers. The ”Predictors“ from a previous season, including singer Lee Sang Min, lyricist Kim Na Na and psychiatrist Yang Jae Woong, and the new ”Predictors,“ including actor Yoon Si Yoon, model Han Hye Jin and P.O of Block B, will appear in the show.

As season 1 and 2 received much love, viewers’ expectations for season 3 were also high. The production team of Heart Signal 3 first revealed the eight residents of “Signal House” on a wall of COEX Millennium Plaza in Seoul on March 1, catching the eye.

However, the problems arose when the personal information of the cast was released and people claiming to know the cast personally stepped up to disclose the problems in their private lives. Female cast A and B were embroiled in controversy about being a school bullies, while making cast C was suspected of a frequent visit to club Burning Sun and the close ties with the officials from the club.

As the stir continued, Channel A explained, “Some of the arguments regarding the cast are not true. With the help of school officials and those who appear as the victims in the rumor, we have confirmed that the controversy is different from the truth.” Then they went on to say, “The production team feels heavily responsible for all the controversies that have been pilled up before the show. We will do our best to create a program that doesn’t fall short on the viewer’s expectations.”

Even with the explanation, the viewers are not responding well since they only seem to be covering up for the cast as the premiere date is right around the corner. Moreover, their official statement does not even accurately explain the controversy.

This is not the first time that the cast of ordinary people were caught up in controversy. Even in the first and the second season of Heart Signal, the production team has already been criticized for not properly verifying the cast. Two of the cast were found guilty of DUI and sexual assault.

However, these two cases surfaced after the show ended. Viewers who heard the news belatedly were shocked to the extent that they felt betrayed, since the whole point of the show was to instill fantasy and stimulated excitement as they present vicarious pleasure of romance. Therefore, the production team should have been much more careful as they selected the cast for the new season.

In the end, Heart Signal 3 will start off with an unpleasant feeling. It is also a pity for those who have been waiting for season 3. Attention is being paid on whether the show will break through this rocky moments and cruise without further controversy.

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